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The Young Reading Nation (YRN)
Group status: We're alive and reading!
We're fun, fresh and fierce and here to change the nation into a reading nation. Hence the name... The Young Reading Nation aka YRN. We're here to inspire our youth and give them the opportunity to not only read but to gain the ability to imagine ; to expand our knowledge and creativity and to also widen our horizons. To escape the norm of everyday school and explore the reading world beyond us. Peace out!

Daniella and Melena

The Marvels by Kayleigh
The Marvels shocked me. when I picked up the book I generally thought it was going to take me weeks to read it but the first 300 or so pages were hand . . .
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A Great Big Cuddle by Kayleigh
A great big cuddle is varied styled poetry book which I found different and interesting.some of the styles I haven't seen before which inspired to try . . .
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Tidy by Kayleigh
Tidy is one of the most creative books I have read recently. It unique in how the story isn't realistic,but uses real life animals which makes it soun . . .
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The Smell of Other People's Houses by Folksy
"Sometimes you can be inserted into another person's life simply by witnessing something you were never really supposed to be apart of". This is one . . .
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Wild Animals of the North by Amelia
This is a beautiful book that helps people of all ages learn about different animals that live in the Northern Hemisphere. The use of geometric shapes . . .
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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by Artur
I am sorry but the book I want to review is "Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire," soo: The fourth book in the Potter series begins more than fifty y . . .
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The Bone Sparrow by Samantha
The Bone Sparrow is a great and inspirational book that tells us of the harsh and inhumane treatment of the asylum seekers who were fleeing war. The t . . .
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A Great Big Cuddle by Samantha
A Great Big Cuddle (poems for young children) was truly an enlightening story as it brought back long lost childhood memories. When I was a kid I used . . .
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Wild Animals of the North by Samantha
The Wild Animals of the North is a factual book which teaches us of the many different varieties and species of animals that inhabits the north. Wheth . . .
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The Marvels by Joseph
I think the book is an excellent addition to the world of literature. It started out as beautiful illustrations which later helped to understand the s . . .
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A Great Big Cuddle by Alina
Its a great book that targeted towards little children. It has colourful pictures which help them to understand what the poem is about. My favourite p . . .
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The Journey by Samantha
With the echoes of war through distant countries, million of refugees flee their homes in search for safety and hope but they get neither as they begi . . .
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The Journey by Andre
The book I read is called 'The Journey'. It is about a mother and her children trying to escape the chaos of the war. They set out on a long journey. . . .
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The Wolves of Currumpaw by Romeo
The Wolves of Currumpaw is an amazing book. It teaches people about hunting and how it affects animals. The character of the hunter is really good. Th . . .
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Tidy by Romeo
Tidy is really good book for young children because it teaches them to look after their environment and to stay organised and tidy. I would really rec . . .
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Claremont High school Academy Trust
Saint Gregory's Science College
Hatch End High School
Harrow, Middx
Sacred Heart Language College
What is your favourite genre of book?

Title: Buffalo Soldier
Author: Tanya Landman
Winning Year: 2015

Charley, a young African-American slave from the Deep South, is freed at the end of the American Civil War. However her freedom is met with tragedy after her adopted mother is raped and lynched at the hands of a mob, and Charley finds herself alone wi