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St Peter's CV Academy

Group status: There are 11 students in our group + our 2 librarians

we are an amazing group that love to read.

Evie and Julia

After the Fire by Evie and Julia
After The Fire is a well-written book taking you on an emotional rollercoaster that makes the book really interesting to read as you don't know what's . . .
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Wed Wabbit by JS
In my opinion,my favourite book was Wed Wabbit. It is the most entertaining and appropriate book out of all of them. It tells the story of a few chi . . .
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After the Fire by Sphere
After the fire was my favourite book out of the selection because it really gripped me. Towards the end I couldn't put it down. At the beginning I was . . .
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The Hate U Give by safa
I found this book quiet confusing as I did't understand some of the words in the text but try as I might I tried to enjoy it. Also some parts of th . . .
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Beyond the Bright Sea by Fabiana
I enjoyed reading Beyond The Bright Sea. One of my favourite characters was Crow because she was brave and curious and wanted to find out who her fami . . .
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Wed Wabbit by safa
This is such an amazing book and SO beautiful. My favourite character was Minnie. The beginning of the book was very sad . . .
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Saint Death by safa
Saint Death I didn't really like as it was too scary and violent for me. The beginning of the book I found intriguing but got put off towards the en . . .
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Release by safa
This book I found very confusing and difficult to understand. I thought it was just ok . . .
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Rook by safa
Rook was interesting and comical but personally I feel that it is a children's book and not a teen book. . . .
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Where the World Ends by safa
THIS TRULY IS A VERY GOOD BOOK.Very adventurous and lovely. My favourite character is Davie, so innocent. It was a very big shock when he died in end . . .
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Saint Death by Evie and Julia
Saint death is a dark book talking about the Mexican American border and the story of a boy. We thought it was quite dark and depressing and it wasn't . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Evie and Julia
Wed Wabbit is a children's book that goes into the life of Fidge in a fantasy world. When we read it we didn't enjoy it as 13 year olds but if we were . . .
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Beyond the Bright Sea by Safa
Amazing book, lots of visual imagery . . .
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Where the World Ends by Safa
I really enjoyed this book, it was very beautiful and adventurous. My favourite character was Davie. . . .
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Where the World Ends by Julia and Evie
Where the world ends is a thrilling book when you get further on. sadly it is a slow-starting book but as you get into it you will find a thrilling st . . .
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Castle Lane West,
Queen's Park Junior School
Strouden Avenue, Bournemouth
Reading Monkeys
Strouden Avenue, Bournemouth
St Lukes Primary
which book is your favourite so far?

after the fire
saint death
where the world ends
wed wabbit
beyond the bright sea
the hate u give
Title: His Dark Materials: Book 1 Northern Lights
Author: Philip Pullman
Winning Year: 1995

When Lyra's friend Roger disappears, she and her daemon, Pantalaimon, are determined to find him. The ensuing quest leads them to the bleak splendour of the North, where armoured bears rule the ice, witch-queens fly through the frozen skies and a team of