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Sidcot School
N Somerset, UK
Group status: Some great feedback from students. Waiting for the flood of book reviews to come in

Carnegie shadowers 2015

2015 is the twelfth year that students from Sidcot School have shadowed the Carnegie award. This year all Year 9 English groups will be reading and reviewing the books on the shortlist.There promises to be a great buzz about books and reading over the coming weeks.

The Fastest Boy In The World by Millie
Everything about this book works, from its gloriously hot-coloured cover, to Peter Bailey's delightful line drawings to the beautifully crafted story . . .
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The Fastest Boy In The World by Peter
The fastest boy in the world is a book written by Elizabeth Laird, and it's about 11 year old Solomon, who lives in Ethiopia who loves running and has . . .
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Tinder by Yan
This book is an exquisitely written new novel inspired by the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale,The Tinder Box.A young soldier,a captive prin . . .
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Tinder by Sofija
This is a novel about a soldier, who wanted to survive after war. In my opinion it is a fantasy book. It had a lot of unreal things in there. This . . .
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Apple and Rain by Nina
I enjoyed the book “Apple and Rain”, by Sarah Crossan, as it was a light, engaging read, set in a seafront town, and narrated from the point of view o . . .
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Apple and Rain by lucy
Apple's mother arrives back home after she left eleven year ago, Apple feels whole again, she had finally found someone who understands what it's like . . .
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Apple and Rain by Cara
This book has been made to take you into another world. This book hooks you in and makes you feel the emotions as if you there, experiencing what they . . .
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More Than This by Archie
"More Than This" is a distopian future. A teenage boy wakes up with no memory apart from his death, which is drowning.The main characters are the teen . . .
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The Fastest Boy In The World by lizzy
"the fastest boy in the world" is a book which has won several awards. it was written by Elizabeth Laired.It has two main characters:- Solomon and his . . .
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When Mr. Dog Bites by Seb
When Mr Dog Bites is a book about a teenage boy called Dylan who has a problem called Tourette syndrome. He goes to a school for only certain people w . . .
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The Middle of Nowhere by Tulsi
When Comity’s mother, Mary Pinny, dies after she is bitten by a tiger snake, Comity is left with her father who is the operator of the remote telegrap . . .
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Buffalo Soldier by Adam
This book is called 'Buffalo Soldier'.It is written by Tanya Landman.'Buffalo Soldier' is a book about a girl in America when the civil war is going o . . .
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When Mr. Dog Bites by frida
Dylan Mint has tourette's syndrome. He is consistently trying to stop the swearing, ticks and worst of all, the growling. When Dylan and his mother t . . .
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Buffalo Soldier by jacob
Buffalo soldier is about a young girl living during the American civil war. It tells the tale of how a young African American girl who is to fend for . . .
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When Mr. Dog Bites by Harry
There was an exciting first chapter setting the scene very well. I like the theme of the book, a boy with Touretts who is going to die and he doesn't . . .
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Cuckoo Song by Nina
“Cuckoo Song”, by Frances Hardinge, is a captivating and utterly enjoyable read. The story takes place in the aftermath of World War One, and it plays . . .
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Tinder by Ryan
The book Tinder has a very interesting mix between a world at war to a realm of dark magic and mystery. Otto Hundebiss, a soldier since the age of fou . . .
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Apple and Rain by Emma
'Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan' The plot for Apple and Rain was interesting. It it is about a girl, Apple, whose mother leaves when she is little a . . .
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The Middle of Nowhere by Clara
"Middle of Nowhere" wasn't for me. I found it lazily written, and generally a little uninteresting. It follows the story of Comity, a young girl livin . . .
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Which is the best cover?

When Mr Dog Bites
Apple and Rain
Cuckoo Song
The Fastest Boy in the World
Buffalo Soldier
Middle of Nowhere
More Than This
Title: Just in Case
Author: Meg Rosoff
Winning Year: 2007

15 year old David Case thinks that fate is out to get him. We learnt how Meg is fascinated by the vagaries of fate when she visited Sidcot recently. Meg has a hat of fate.


Tanya Landman
It was great fun when Tanya Landman came to work with students at Sidcot. Her voice rings out of Buffalo Soldier.

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