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Sidcot School
N Somerset, UK
Group status: Presentations made; the winner announced; piles of strawberries, cookies and crisps consumed. A fun time was had by all .

Carnegie shadowers 2014

2014 is the eleventh year that students from Sidcot School have shadowed the Carnegie award. This year all Year 9 English groups will be reading and reviewing the books on the shortlist.There promises to be a great buzz about books and reading over the coming weeks.

The Paper Dolls by Michael and Louis
STYLE: The pictures are cartoons and childish but in a good way. COLOUR: The style of this book uses really bright crayon colours. ATMOSPHERE AND . . .
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Ghost Hawk by Mrs W
I was nervously anticipating my chance to read Ghost Hawk. I have admired Susan Cooper's work since I was captivated by The King of Shadows. Ghost Haw . . .
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Liar & Spy by Mrs W
Safer, Candy and Georges have great names - original sources.Georges(after Seurat) is struggling to cope with moving from his spacious individually-de . . .
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Rooftoppers by Clara
Roof toppers is a wonderful book, highlighting the power of music. Sophie Is a sweet girl, who longs to meet her mother. When she and her guardian go . . .
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The Wall by Piers
The Wall is about a boy called Joshua’s adventures on a side of a wall which he doesn’t know about. One day he kicks a ball over a wall to find a tunn . . .
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This Is Not My Hat by James
I think this a good book because it is funny and I like, the idear of a big fish and the small fish chasing each other also, the pictures are amazin . . .
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This Is Not My Hat by Mia
The style of the book is pictures, as it's a childs book, also the writing is HUGE! The colour scheme is very plain. Reading the book felt slow, dar . . .
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This Is Not My Hat by Katie and Beau
This Is Not My Hat is a detailed cartoon novel using the style of strokes in the drawing, it uses a range of colours (black, brown, blue, green, white . . .
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The Dark by Freya
The Dark is a fascinating book not just for the excellent writing but for the sublime drawings… despite the facts that it only uses black, brown and g . . .
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This Is Not My Hat by Meg and Maisy
This book is cartoon and all the images are all quite detailed. The colours that are used are dark colours but because of the dark background makes t . . .
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The Dark by Lucy
This book is full of simple cartoons and short informative sentences. Really good for younger and older children. There is little colour except on th . . .
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This Is Not My Hat by Jasmine, Takis & Katie
We think it’s quite impressionistic because it looks a little bit like real fish but it is entertaining because it’s drawings of fish. This story lef . . .
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Oliver by Ethan
The style of this book is in depth and detailed. The illustrator uses bold lines to represent where the objects are. The pictures are exaggerate . . .
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Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf by Sarah & Verity
The style of this book is very impressionistic, sometimes using collages, sometimes using a two page spread. The pictures are done in the style of car . . .
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All the Truth That’s in Me by Ella
I would say that the cover picture let me think of a book which has a lot to do with philosophical questions and a girl or a boy asking themselves a l . . .
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Liar & Spy by Dan
I think that “Liar and Spy” is a great book and enjoyed reading it. In “Liar and Spy” the main characters are Candy, Safer and Georges. Candy is not v . . .
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Ghost Hawk by Lucy
(CONTAINS SPOILERS) Ghost hawk is a historical novel she never says outright what time its set in, but it dose suggest a time in the late 1800. The . . .
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The Bunker Diary by zachary
This book is by far the one of the most depressing that I have ever read. It is well written and none of the parts that could be frowned upon are out . . .
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The Wall by zachary
The wall is a very interesting book that explorse the injustice and oppression of the Isralies to the Palestinians using the intetesting medium of the . . .
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The Wall by Mrs Worley
This seems to be a classic tale of a troubled home life with the hero finding/ owing support to an alien culture. Joshua is unhappy at home. He finds . . .
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Nailsea School Book Club
Nailsea, Bristol
Priory Community School
North Somerset,
QEH Junior School
Chew Valley Tributes
Chew Magna,
Which book do you want to read first?

All the Truth that's in Me
The Bunker Diary
The Child's Elephant
Ghost Hawk
Blood family
Liar & Spy
The Wall
Title: Just in Case
Author: Meg Rosoff
Winning Year: 2007

15 year old David Case thinks that fate is out to get him. We learnt how Meg is fascinated by the vagaries of fate when she visited Sidcot recently. Meg has a hat of fate.


Susan Cooper
It was amazing to meet Susan Cooper when she visited Sidcot a few years ago. Can't wait to read Ghost Hawk.

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