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Sheldon Shadowers
Chippenham, Wilts
Group status: Racing through these books!!
Us Year 9s are racing through these extraordinary books!

Miss Punter

The Hate U Give by Jacob
Whilst many books choose to follow a typical story mountain, with a climax near the end, the most important event in The Hate U Give happens at the st . . .
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After the Fire by Peter
After the Fire was one of two books which had me rapidly turning pages as quickly as I could read them to find out what was happening. It is a masterp . . .
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Release by Peter
I read Release reasonably slowly as I found it difficult to keep track of at points because the plot was quite confusing. It has two sections, one in . . .
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Saint Death by Jamie
Saint Death is one of the books I am doing a presentation on as well as Where The World Ends. I think this is a good book which addresses the poverty . . .
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Where the World Ends by Peter
I personally found Where The World Ends really hard to get into. It wasn't particularly interesting at the start and therefore it took me a while to r . . .
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The Hate U Give by Peter
THUG is possibly one of the best books I have read this year. The way it deals with issues that teens should know and learn about is brilliant and it . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Jamie
Wed Wabbit. Wow. Probably the most controversial book to our groups' opinions in this shortlist I have read. Some people say 'It was good! I loved it. . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Peter
I personally found this book quite fun to read and if you put yourself in the mind of a young child who has created the world with their imagination, . . .
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The Hate U Give by Jamie
The Hate U Give (T.H.U.G) is a good book that addresses the issues for black people in the modern day. The main character, Starr, is a black girl who . . .
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Saint Death by Alex
So, Saint Death. Where do I begin? Maybe with the fact that books don't usually make me cry coupled with the fact that this one had me doing so for a . . .
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After the Fire by Alex
After the fire was the first of the Carnegie books that I read. When I picked it up, I was expecting a classic edgy, teen, dystopian future kind of bo . . .
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After the Fire by Jamie
*Minor spoilers* 'After the Fire' is a great book which addresses the issues of cults, brainwashing and dictators. Largely based on the Waco siege . . .
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After the Fire by Freya
Following the story of a girl who is recovering from her life in a cult, watch as she recovers, recounts her story and witnesses her friends as they t . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Max
At the begging of the book I found it boring and confusing making it hard to carry on reading. This didn't change until nearer the end where I found i . . .
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Saint Death by Jacob
From the start, Saint Death was a gripping read, which kept you itching to turn the page the whole time. One very clever thing the writer, Marcus Sedg . . .
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Sheldon Shadowers
Which Book do you Feel Addresses Modern Day Issues for Teenagers the Best?

After the Fire
Beyond the Bright Sea
Saint Death
The Hate U Give
Wed Wabbit
Where the World Ends
Title: Maggot Moon
Author: Sally Gardner
Winning Year: 2013

A ruthless regime is determined to beat its enemies in a race to the moon. But when his best friend Hector is suddenly taken away, it is up to unlikely hero Standish, his grandfather, and a small band of rebels, to confront and defeat the ever-present opp


Marcus Sedgwick

Marcus Sedgwick’s first novel, Floodland, won the Branford Boase award for the Best Debut Children's Novel of 2000. His books have been shortlisted for the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize, The Blue Peter Book Award, The . . .