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Reading School
Group status: Our book club meets every Tuesday lunchtime. We are enjoying reading all the books and posting our reviews.

Reading boys with the Carnegie books

Reading, named after the activity done with books, is one of the most cultural cities in the UK and has produced talent of the callibre of Ricky Gervais, Kate Winslett and Henry Irvine. The book club at Reading School reflects this, bringing together boys from a variety of backgrounds in a shared interest of reading not to mention the free biscuits on offer!

Mrs J.

Redlands Primary
Reading, Berks
New Christ Church Primary
Kendrick School
St Joseph's College G&T
Reading, Berkshire
Where's the most unusual place you have ever read anything?

On a airplane
6% (1 vote)

On a toilet!
17% (3 votes)

Under a waterfall
44% (8 votes)

Doing a headstand!
17% (3 votes)

At an airport
6% (1 vote)

At a bus stop
11% (2 votes)

Title: A Monster Calls
Author: Patrick Ness
Illustrator: Jim Kay
Winning Year: 2012

The monster shows up after midnight. It isn't the one Conor has been expecting; the one from his nightmare; the one he has had nearly every night since his mother started her treatment. But this new monster is ancient, and wild, and it wants something ju