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Newfield School
Group status: We've started up a new book club on Wednesday lunchtimes. Watch this space for updates.
Watch this space for updates. So far, our book reviewers are Miss Taylor (LRC manager) and Gabby (yr8).

Meadowhead School
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Why do you like reading?

It is a way to escape from the real world, to explore new and imaginative places.
45% (5 votes)

It is relaxing and calms me down.
9% (1 vote)

Reading is something I can do on my own but still be in the same room as other people.
18% (2 votes)

Title: The Ghost of Thomas Kempe
Author: Penelope Lively
Winning Year: 1973

James is fed up. His family have moved to a new cottage - with grounds that are great for excavations, and trees that are perfect for climbing - and stuff is happening. Stuff that is normally the kind of thing he does. And he's getting blamed for it. But