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Ellen Wilkinson
Group status: we're sleeping
2006 We've been discussing first impressions a lot, having listened to and read the extracts on the website, before starting any of the books. At the moment, this is what we think: Clay - 'sounds fabulous and gripping'. Framed - 'hilariously funny, definitely looking forward to reading this'. Tamar - 'snooze-fest'. The White Darkness -'rather enigmatic'. Turbulence - 'Sounds OK'. Who knows whether our first impressions will be lasting or proved completely wrong! Read our reviews once we've started reading and find out! 2005 We love reading books and we'd love to read all the books on the shortlist; unfortunately, they haven't reached school yet, so we are: a) suffering b) reading copies from the library and talking about them c) writing recommendations for the rest of the school to share our favourite books. Next year we hope to be a larger group, read all the books on time and do activities with other schools. We'd like to start book group in September so that we can do lots of stuff about other books, not just the Carnegie ones.