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Group status: our carnegie group meets every thursday for 20mins where we talk and share our feelings about the books weither good or bad

happy to read and share

our group in made of students from years 7,8 and 9 we meet every thursday at tudor time for 20 to 30 mins sometimes we stay after school to talk longer about our love and hatered about the books and what we would change about them

Davelle & Testimony

Wed Wabbit by Thea
A fun adventure story that is an imagination thriller i loved this book because it was fun and exciting. I would recommend it to 7-13 age range. . . .
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River Leen School
Bulwell Library
Bulwell Academy
what book are you enjoying the most

wed wabbit
17% (2 votes)

Title: One
Author: Sarah Crossan
Winning Year: 2016

Grace and Tippi are conjoined twins. And their lives are about to change. No longer able to afford homeschooling, they must venture into the world - a world of stares, sneers and cruelty. Will they find more than that at school? Can they find real friends


Lissa Evans

Lissa Evans has a background in comedy. Following a medical degree, she changed careers to become a comedy producer for radio and TV; her credits include Father Ted, Room 101 and Have I Got News for You. Her first . .



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