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Blackheath High School
Group status: We are very excited about creating a magazine!

Year 7 8 and 9 getting ready to write reviews

We love this opportunity to get together and share the latest best teen fiction. It is an event Blackheath High students look forward to every year. Pupils aged 11 to 16 take part and there is always a book for everyone. Year 7 and 8's favourites are Liar & Spy and Rooftoppers, but the older students are enjoying Bunker Diaries and The Child's Elephant. However, the overall winner is All the Truth thatís in me.

Mrs Lardner

Blackheath Bluecoat Secondary School
St Matthew Academy
The John Roan School
What is your favourite Carnegie Nominated book so far?

All the Truth that is in me
6% (4 votes)

The Bunker Diary
11% (7 votes)

The Child's Elephant
5% (3 votes)

Ghost Hawk
3% (2 votes)

Blood Family
5% (3 votes)

33% (21 votes)

Liar & Spy
36% (23 votes)

The Wall
2% (1 vote)

Title: The Borrowers
Author: Mary Norton
Illustrator: Diana Stanley
Winning Year: 1952

Pod, Homily and Arrietty are a family of tiny people who live beneath the floor, behind the grandfather clock in the old rectory. They dread cats and being "seen". They own nothing - everything they have is borrowed from the 'human beans' who don't e