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Chobham Academy Book Group
40 Cheering lane, London
Group status: Reading in the rain

Glenlola is an all-girls grammar school with over 1000 pupils, in Bangor Co.Down. Our shadowing Group is made up of some of enthusiastic pupils who have previously been involved in the Northern Ireland Book Awards. The girls have already read Prisoner of the Inquisition as this was on the NI shortlist and are eagerly devouring the rest of the shortlist.

Favourite kind of pet

2% (1 vote)

2% (1 vote)

7% (4 votes)

4% (2 votes)

2% (1 vote)

84% (47 votes)

Title: Millions
Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce
Winning Year: 2004

the frank cottrell boyce book millions, has a great story with a life lesson, fun is good but too much of a dose is bad fro you


Chobham Academy Book Group