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Sir Bernard Lovell School
Group status: we are on holiday and reading our books at home...

SBL Carnegie Readers

So far there are four year 8 girls, six teachers and two year 8 boys. We are all really intrested in reading and everyone in the group are really good friends.

We now have several copies of all the Carnegie short-listed books for us to borrow. We are going to invite some older students to read with us and we are going to invite some other teachers as well.

We are going to meet every Thursday lunch time in our Online Learning Centre. Come and join us!!!!!!!!

SBL Academy
The Grange School and Sports College
Some of the short-listed books this year have very strong language in them. Do you think this is acceptable for a book aimed at teenage readers?

I don't think bad language in books is a problem. Teenage readers can easily tell the difference between fiction and what's acceptable in real life.
Itís OK sometimes, but only if the storyline really needs it to make it realistic.
I don't know how I feel about it...
Maybe itís OK, but books should be age-restricted for content in the same way that films are.
It should never be allowed. Teenagers will be encouraged to swear more if they read bad language in books.
Title: Zoo
Illustrator: Anthony Browne
Winning Year: 1992

Two brothers and their parents spend a day at the zoo, looking at the animals in the cages - or is it that the animals are watching the visitors? This book is a teasing examination of the relationship between man and animals, and the role of zoos.