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Fairfield Shadows

Group status: Exam season is kinda messing with the schedule...
A small collective of insanity that hides behind the pretence of normality and book reviewing.


Glenfrome Primary School
Monks Park
What makes a good book?

The smell of the pages
The character(s) who'll brisk you away on their own adventures
A scene or setting that you could find yourself lost in
A moral or lesson that will stay with you forever, eternal gratifying
A joy in reading, a satisfaction of completion or happiness
The calm or serenity of meaning and thought
A story beyond comprehension
Or something more...
Title: The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon
Illustrator: Mini Grey
Winning Year: 2007

You've read the rhyme, now find out what happens next in the astonishing tale of the dazzling Dish and Spoon duo, after they run away together.