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FOURTEENTH YEAR Shadowing within our Year 7 Accelerated Reader sessions, and our Key Stage 3 reading group The Final Chapter.

Balby Carr School
Town Field Year 6 Shadowers
Doncaster, South Yorkshire
The McAuley Catholic High School
Cantley, Doncaster
McAuley Reading Group
Cantley, Doncaster
You are never too old to be read too

Depends on the book
I prefer to read alone
I don't mind this
Never, I am far too old and mature!
Read to me NOW!!!!
Title: The Family from One End Street
Author: Eve Garnett
Winning Year: 1937

There is never a dull moment in the lively Ruggles family. From capable Lily Rose, whose good deeds don't always go to plan, to Mr Ruggles who is a dustman and Mrs Ruggles who takes in washing, down to prize-winning baby William. The seven Ruggles ch