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Group status: the more thing you read the things you know the more thing that you learn the more places you go

Hello from the Old Cleevers!

We are a group of children in Years 2-4 who love reading. More information on each of us to follow..... Tom (Age 9) - I love reading! My favourite book in general is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Elsie S (Age 9 3/4) - My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Jessica Dyllan (age 8 1/2) - My favourite book is Dragon Rider - Yeah! It is full of adventure Kiya - Jaxon - Lettie -

The Marvels by elsie thomas
The marvels book is very engaging and hard to put down.It makes you use your brain as the first half is fantastic images. . . .
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The Wolves of Currumpaw by Tom
I really liked the wolves of Currumpaw because it is a very interesting book and explains that if you do big things it can change your personality. . . .
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Wild Animals of the North by harry
I like the drawings and I like how it is inspired from nature. My favourite animal is the snow leopard. I also like how it breaks down the sections in . . .
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Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth by elsie thomas
sputnik's guide to life on earth is funny, entertaining and engaging. I love the fact that prez is always thinking of ways to help his granddad and sa . . .
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There is a Tribe of Kids by Daisy
The illustrations are amazing. I like the part when they find more kids. I also like the part when they put shells on their backs to look like turtles . . .
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Wild Animals of the North by Elsie Sanders cleevers:)
surprisingly entertaining and amazing illustrations for very young children below 6 AND children over 8 :) . . .
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The Wolves of Currumpaw by molly
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The Wolves of Currumpaw by Harry
this book is realy good and very sad i liked it because it was based on a real story the author has gone into alot of detail i would recommend this bo . . .
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The Wolves of Currumpaw by elsie thomas
This is a interesting book. About a wolf being hunted then when it is finally caught the men who caught the wolf felt sorry when the wolf died and de . . .
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A Great Big Cuddle by Molly
This book was great, I really like poems, it made me think of my favourite poem. . . .
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The Journey by Molly
This was very sad and made me think of how some people in other countries are living and what awful things they are going through. I liked it when the . . .
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Tidy by ollie
I LIke it because it is funny and pete is funny . . .
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Tidy by Amy
Tidy is amazing! It has lovely description. I love this book the drawings are so clear!!! I would give it a 9/10. . . .
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There is a Tribe of Kids by Molly
Liked this book, but wasn't much of a story. Nice pictures though . . .
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Tidy by Molly
Enjoyed reading this book, didn't like it when he pulled all the trees up but was good that he finally put it back to how it was . . .
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Tidy by daisy.t.
Pete loved to tidy but he tidied the whole forest. The badger brushed the fox with a hedgehog. In the end he got cold and wet because he couldn't find . . .
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Wild Animals of the North by Elsie.T.
There is great illustrations in this book. Its very factual, you'll definitely learn something new and interesting. . . .
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Tidy by Jaxon
I didn't like this book because he pulled out all of the trees and the badger then made it all stone. He couldn't find his house. Then they had to br . . .
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Inbetween the Lines
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Dieter Braun

Dieter Braun is a freelance illustrator and children's book author from Hamburg, Germany. He studied Communication Design at the Folkwangschule in Essen. Clients include international publications like Time Magazine, The New York Times, stern, Cos . .