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Hemdean Bookworms
Reading, Berks
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We are book loving kids. We love a good book and we have plenty of ideas for next year's selection. Our ages and reading ability varies so that we get plenty of different points of view. We meet every week, read books and exchange book ideas. Some of our favourite books are, St Clare's & Malory Towers, The Three Little Pigs, Harry Potter Series, The Inheritance Series, Dork Diary Series, Beast Quest,The Witches Kiss and the Witches Tears, Katy, Grimms Fairy Tales (Phillip Pullman), The Hetty Feather's Series, Artemis Fowl Series and the Scarlet and Ivy Series. As you can see our choices vary widely. After reading and discussing the short listed books we decided on our top three for each category. The Carnegie Award; Beck, Salt to the Sea and The Bone Sparrow. For the Kate Greenaway Award we chose; There is a Tribe of Kids, Tidy and The Journey. When the awards were announced our choices were quite similar to the judges. The Carnegie Award winner was Salt to the Sea. The Kate Greenaway winner was There is a Tribe of Kids. An additional award was given, The Amnesty CILIP Honour and the winners were The Bone Sparrow and The Journey. There were some great books. We hope to continue the club next year.

Salt to the Sea by Natalia
An incredible story of love, tragedy, and an amazing journey. This book holds a clear and very powerful message, and is definately set apart from all . . .
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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by Bookworms
I am a great Harry Potter fan and read all the books, more than once. I liked this book and the pictures added to the story. If you know the story t . . .
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Wild Animals of the North by The Bookworms
This is a great book to inspire children to find out about different facts about animals and birds of the North. Some factual books can be off puttin . . .
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There is a Tribe of Kids by Jayden & Danny
We liked the Journey because of the really good illustrations. The pictures helped us to understand the story and there weren't too many hard words. . . .
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The Journey by Hannah
The Journey is good for all ages because if you can not read you can look at the pictures which tell the story. The story tells you about what some . . .
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Railhead by Natalia
Railhead is one of many books that try to determine the future, and in my opinion, one of the best. This book brings a new, and imaginative turn on th . . .
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Beck by Louisa
Beck is definitely a book for older kids (teenagers). It has great passion for things that happened in the olden days. It's about a boy who isn't acce . . .
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Tidy by The Bookworms
Everyone loved this book. It could be enjoyed by the youngest to the oldest and everyone could take different meaning from it. However the overall m . . .
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Salt to the Sea by Louisa
Salt to the sea is a book full of emotion, drama and reality. It almost made me cry I got so upset. I would recommend this book to 9-year-old's and up . . .
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Beck by Natalia
Beck is an amazing and emotional book, that makes you think of the struggles some people have to go through to find happiness. Though much of Becks co . . .
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The Wolves of Currumpaw by Eva
I think that the book is good because it's really emotional and touching I started to cry. I think that it has a moral and it's very exiting. The pict . . .
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The Bone Sparrow by Louisa
The Bone sparrow is a book full of adventure and imagination! It can be quite touching in some places. My only criticism is that it gets quite compli . . .
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Francesca Sanna

Francesca is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer based in Switzerland. After she finished her studies in Cagliari, the main city of her beloved Mediterranean island (Sardinia) she said goodbye to her family and her cat (Berta) and moved to . .