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St Peter's School
Huntingdon, Cambs
Group status: Wallowing in new books!

LOL I don't know anymore xD

We're meeting once a week to get stuck into the shortlist.

Ms McMordie

More Than This by Billy
While beginning to read the book and the blurb I thought it would be a good book to start reading. The idea as it talks and describes how a boy drowns . . .
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Apple and Rain by erin
It was a very good book that was very good at portraying some difficulties faced in reality. I really liked it. . . .
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Cuckoo Song by siobhan
I only read half of the book and found it very confusing and in fairness it wasn't my cup of tea. I also found the beginning weird and confusing as it . . .
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Apple and Rain by Tia
Apple and rain is a brilliant book and once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. The beginning is the best bit because it leaves you wondering what . . .
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The Fastest Boy In The World by Sian
It started off ok but it started to get a bit boring. I did finish it but I didn't like it. . . .
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When Mr. Dog Bites by Chelsea
I found this book very difficult to read and follow. I felt like there was not a clear story line in the beginning of the book. I did not enjoy the fi . . .
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Tinder by siobhan
This book is really, really good. This is the best book yet it is so unbelievably sinister I personally find that the beginning is the best as it has . . .
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More Than This by Daniel
This is an amazing book that reminds me (slightly) of 'The Matrix'. Patrick Ness has written another brilliant book, yet this there is more of a myste . . .
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Tinder by Daniel
This book was a great book, based off the fairy tale of the soldier and the tinder-box. The twist that the story provides, along with extracts from th . . .
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When Mr. Dog Bites by Daniel
This was a brilliant book that perfectly represented the thought processes of a child with disabilities. I loved the unexpected plot-twists throughout . . .
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Apple and Rain by Ms McMordie
What a great read! I was drawn in from the first page. I really felt for the main character as she missed her mum and struggled with why her mum had . . .
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The Middle of Nowhere by Ms McMordie
When I read the back of this book, it didn't interest me at all. The little I know about the Australian Outback didn't make me think it would be an i . . .
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The Hinchingbrooke Shadows
Huntingdon, CAMBS
St Anne's CofE Primary
Huntingdon, Cambs
Kimbolton School
Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
Which book do you think would be great as a film?

The Fastest Boy In The World.
Apple and Rain
The Middle of Nowhere
Cuckoo Song
More Than This
When Mr Dog Bites
Buffalo Soldier
Title: The Bunker Diary
Author: Kevin Brooks
Winning Year: 2014

16-year-old Linus Weems has woken up in a low-ceilinged rectangular building, made entirely of whitewashed concrete, with no windows and no doors. The lift is the only way out. But this time when the lift comes, it isn't empty.


Brian Conaghan
( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

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