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Highsted Carnegie Group
Sittingbourne, Kent
Group status: We're Reading!

Welcome to Highsted Grammar School's Carnegie Reading Group page! We are incredibly excited to launch this scheme and give students the opportunity to explore new writers and meet fellow book lovers. The list of books this year looks great and we can't wait to get reading!

Miss Bethany Mead

After the Fire by Bethany
The book that I have read was 'After the Fire', and it was a very good book. I would recommend reading it because it is very unusual and something a l . . .
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Where the World Ends by Aisha Bragg
I have just finished reading 'Where the World Ends'. It's based on a true story and is a good book, but a bit sad towards the end. I am enjoying t . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Lois Crispin
This was the first book out of the shortlist for 2018 Carnegie Shadowing award that I read. 'Wed Wabbit' is a book based around a young girl called Fi . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Bethany Mead
'Wed Wabbit' is an odd book. It follows the story of two sisters and their cousin Graham and their interactions with the magical world of 'Wimbley Wo . . .
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Release by Katy Day
I really enjoyed reading this book. I got absorbed quickly in the story and found it easy and quick to read. It follows a day in the life of Adam, a g . . .
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Beyond the Bright Sea by Sophie Lewis
I loved the 'Beyond the Bright Sea' book because there were so many unexpected plot twists and overall the book was beautifully written. It is abo . . .
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Rook by Bethany Mead
'Rook' is an interesting story that I have mixed feelings about. The story is simple and involves the lives of two brothers who find a wounded rook on . . .
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Bordenian Boyz
Sittingbourne, Kent
Fulston Manor School
Sittingbourne, Kent
The Westlands School
Sittingbourne, Kent
What do you look for when choosing a book?

I look at the front cover - interesting pictures and fonts attract me.
I look at the title.
I have to read the blurb to get a sense of what the story is about.
I close my eyes and choose at random!
I like to read the first few pages to get a sense of what kind of writer created the book.
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Title: The Bunker Diary
Author: Kevin Brooks
Winning Year: 2014

16-year-old Linus Weems has woken up in a low-ceilinged rectangular building, made entirely of whitewashed concrete, with no windows and no doors. The lift is the only way out. But this time when the lift comes, it isn't empty.


Anthony McGowan

Anthony McGowan has written several young adult novels, including Hellbent, Henry Tumour, which won the Book Trust Teenage Prize in 2006, and The Knife That Killed Me which was adapted into a highly acclaimed f . .