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King Edward VI Grammar School
Group status: Looking good in this year's photo, gentlemen!

Some members of our group

Students from Years 7 to Year 13 are shadowing the award this year, and several staff members are also championing different titles, so we can chat with them about what we thought of the book when we see them around school.

Saint Death by Matthew W.
Marcus Sedgwick usually appears on the Carnegie shortlist and this is definitely the most normal one to appear recently. The book cleverly adopts Mexi . . .
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Rook by Matthew W.
Rook is the first book I have reviewed on this year’s Carnegie Awards, but is my third book. The story is slightly lacking but this is retrieved by th . . .
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St John Payne School
The Boswells
Which is your favourite book just looking at the front cover?

After the Fire
Beyond the Bright Sea
The Hate U Give
Saint Death
Wed Wabbit
Where the World Ends
Title: The Lantern Bearers
Author: Rosemary Sutcliff
Winning Year: 1959

The last of the Roman army have set sail and left Britain forever. They have abandoned the country to civil war and the threat of Saxon invasion. When his home and all he loves are destroyed, Aquila endures years of torment. He fights to bring some meanin