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Ballakermeen High School
Isle of Man,
Group status: We have two reading groups and we are now all set to read the shortlists! We looked at the Greenaway books this week and we loved them - especially 'the night shift'. Some of us have already posted reviews...

The Balla Bookworms with the Carnegie books

We are the reading group from Ballakermeen High School on the Isle of Man. We meet every Wednesday at lunchtimes. This year we are shadowing the Carnegie awards, and the Greenaway as well. We think we might be the only active shadowing group on the Isle of Man.


Town is by the Sea by Erin
This book seems as though it is building up to a dramatic end and I was biting my lip hoping my guess was wrong, so when I read the ending, I breathed . . .
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Wed Wabbit by Rebecca
It was very funny and told from a great perspective. I like how they were imaginative and used how little kids speak with their lisps. Really good. I . . .
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Under the Same Sky by Erin
This book has very beautiful, but simple designs. Its in the mind of a child so all the pictures remind me very much collage. The animals are very si . . .
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Night Shift by Erin
This book, although very simplistic in design and language, has a meaning that is very intricate and deep. It feels as though youre actually inside t . . .
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How long does it take you to read an average book?

a day or less
up to a week
2 - 3 weeks
up to a month
depends if I am enjoying or not
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Title: The Borrowers
Author: Mary Norton
Illustrator: Diana Stanley
Winning Year: 1952

Pod, Homily and Arrietty are a family of tiny people who live beneath the floor, behind the grandfather clock in the old rectory. They dread cats and being "seen". They own nothing - everything they have is borrowed from the 'human beans' who don't e


Will Hill

Will Hill worked as a bartender, bookseller and in publishing before quitting to write full-time. His first novel, Department 19 – the first in a series of five – was published in 2011 to widespread acclaim. He lives in Londo . . .



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