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Plymstock School
Group status: We have just finished reading all 76 books on the longlist!

Our Carnegie Day 2014 discussing what should be in the short list

This year we have quite a large group shadowing the Carnegie made up of year 8s and 9s. At the moment we are preparing our presentation on "The Wall" by William Sutcliffe which we are going to present at Callington Community College later this month. It's a bit of a mess at the moment as we organise it ourselves with not much teacher involvement but it's coming together (well we sort of know what we are doing know at least).

Amy Martin and Lois Teasdale

Carnegie in the Commons
Plymouth College:
Plymouth, Devon
Tor Bridge High
What is the best invention???

Chocolate teapot - A tasty treat when you are making tea
Silent Burglar Alarm - So you won't ever get woken up again
Acid mouthwash - Gets rid of everything
Concrete Windows - for absolute privacy
Self Destructing Alarm Clock - So you never over sleep
Burning Shopping Bags - so you don't have to carry heavy bags around
The Glass Hammer - so you will never hit your fingers again
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Title: His Dark Materials: Book 1 Northern Lights
Author: Philip Pullman
Winning Year: 1995

When Lyra's friend Roger disappears, she and her daemon, Pantalaimon, are determined to find him. The ensuing quest leads them to the bleak splendour of the North, where armoured bears rule the ice, witch-queens fly through the frozen skies and a team of


Hele's School

Lipson Reading Group

Coombe Dean School

Ivybridge Community College

Plymouth College: