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Driffield School
Driffield, East Yorkshire
Group status: Getting started on Carnegie books!

Our group

We are The Authors' Retreat. We are a reading group that meet every Tuesday after school in the Learning Resources Centre. We do all sorts including playing games, quizzes or just simply reading. We will be reading the Carnegie for the next few months, with the reviews from members of the group being posted on our page. So far, the group decision is that we are all enjoying the books, including those who have a slightly different taste in reading material. The Author's Retreat varies in ages, and, occasionally, genders, but it has been a while since there has been a boy in our midst. But, to be truthful, a group of intelligent girls giving their opinions on a wide range of genres and writing styles can be a tad intimidating.

Summer Tovey

Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire
Bridlington School Sports College
Bridlington, East Yorkshire
Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire
What is your favourite Carnegie Book of 2016?

The Lie Tree
Ther will be lies
The rest of us just live here
Five Children on the Western front
The Ghosts of Heaven
Lies we tell ourselves
Fire Colour One