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Dyke House Sports & Technology College

Group status: We are enjoying the Carnegie and feel this is positive esperience. We are enjoying reading the other schools reveiws and really like that we have our own web page.

Sarah-Jane & Shona

The Bunker Diary by Sophie
I've just finished my second Carnegie book. 'The Bunker Diary' was a thrilling and a deeply mysterious novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the hints Kevin Bro . . .
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The Child's Elephant by Daniel
The Child's Elephant is about a boy who finds a baby elephant. His family knew that the boy co . . .
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The Bunker Diary by Emily
Having finished my second carnegie book I find the books very appealing. Kevin Brooks created a very good story line to Bunker Diary. When the main ch . . .
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All the Truth Thatís in Me by Ellie
All The Truth in Me is a book about a girl called Judith and her best friend Lottie who disappeared from their town in Roswell.Four years later only . . .
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Blood Family by Charlotte
The story line for this book is rather intriguing. It explores a number of issues that shows what the child is going through. It also shows that the c . . .
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Liar & Spy by Daniel
I think this book Liar and Spy is cleverly written by the author Rebecca Stead It is all written from the main characters point of view with all of h . . .
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Liar & Spy by Leah
Liar and Spy was written by an author named Rebecca Stead. The main character of this story is a seventh grader named Georges. Georges and his family . . .
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All the Truth Thatís in Me by Emily
To begin with the storyline doesn't make much sense. It was as if she was silently thinking to herself, wishing she could explain herself to the love . . .
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The Child's Elephant by Holly
The story is based in Africa. I young boy called Bat lives in the peaceful village of Jambula with his grandmother until his life is turned upside dow . . .
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Blood Family by Emily N
I have read the full book and my heart was in my mouth the whole time as it is not an easy topic to right about Anne Fine found a way to put this diff . . .
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Ghost Hawk by SOPHIE
Ghost Hawk was such an adventurous journey. The way Susan Cooper writes this novel is thrilling, and entrances you to read more. I thoroughly enjoye . . .
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The Bunker Diary by Tiegan
'The Bunker Diary' is a novel explaining the life of a teenager named Linus and what happens when he is trapped inside of the bunker an underground ha . . .
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The Bunker Diary by Charlotte
"The Bunker Diary" is a diary of a boy called Linus who gets kidnapped by a man he thought was blind. Linus wakes up alone in a lift which is the ent . . .
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The Bunker Diary by Jake
In my opinion the Bunker Diary starts abruptly, however it suits the character himself and the storyline. The character being Linus who lived on the . . .
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Blood Family by Leonie
'Blood Family' explores a number of disturbing issues but, despite the dark content, it manages never to get too depressing because of the author's hu . . .
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English Martyrs School & Sixth Form College
Cleveland, England
St Bega's/Hartlepool Library
124 York Road, Hartlepool
Book Camp
which book should be made into a film?

Code Name Veritty
The Weight Of Water
A Grey Hound Of A Girl
Maggot Moon
A Boy And A Bear In A Boat
In Darkness
Title: Dear Nobody
Author: Berlie Doherty
Winning Year: 1991

Dear Nobody is a moving and very real story of two teenagers in Sheffield and an unplanned pregnancy. It is told from two viewpoints - that of Helen as she writes her thoughts in a series of letters to the unborn baby, the Dear Nobody of the title, and of


Kevin Brooks
We have all enjoyed The Bunker Diary. This is an interesting and suspense filled story, we would like to read other books by Kevin Brooks!

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