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Balwearie High School
Kirkcaldy, Fife
Group status: Here we go again in 2015. Really looking forward to reading this year's selection.

Balwearie Top Readers!

We are a group of six avid readers who like a variety of different types of books. We are enjoying reading the shortlist and writing reviewss and can't wait to find who wins! We meet weekly and have lively discussions about the titles. Joanne is a new member and we are looking forward to her opinions, Matthew - very critical, difficult to please. Stephanie - very thoughtful in her reviews. Jack - very chatty, everything is "wow". Estella - a quieter member of out team but writes considered reviews. Mrs O: team leader extraordinaire! Having thoroughly enjoyed this experience last year we are very excited to be doing it again and are really looking forward to finding out the winner.

Who would you rather go out with for a fancy dinner? ;)

19% (27 votes)

Haymitch Abernathy
2% (3 votes)

A Dalek
12% (17 votes)

A badger
3% (4 votes)

18% (25 votes)

30% (42 votes)

Kim Jong Un
13% (19 votes)

Your mum
3% (4 votes)