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Stantonbury Campus is one of the largest schools in Europe. As you can imagine we have many keen readers. We shadow the Carnegie Prize every year and have a 'Shadowers' group and often a 'Shadowing the Shadowers' group in order to accommodate as many readers as possible. This year we are are linking with 4 other schools in Milton Keynes, Radcliffe, Shenley Brooke End, Sir Herbert Leon and Hazeley, and we're looking forward to meeting all the other students and making new friends. We haven't yet managed to agree with the judges about the winning book but maybe this year...

What makes a book interesting?

The cover
The characters
The storyline
How good the writing is
The ending
Title: The Little Grey Men
Author: \'BB\' (D J Watkins-Pitchford)
Winning Year: 1942

The last four gnomes in Britain live by a Warwickshire brook under an oak tree on the banks of the Folly. Their names are Dodder, Baldmoney, Sneezewort and Cloudberry. They are "honest-to goodness gnomes, none of your baby, fairy-book tinsel stuff. They