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Sir John Cass Foundation and Redcoat COE Secondary School
Group status: Discovering the Carnegie books
Loud, Funny, Enthusiastic, Great Readers. We are Sir John Cass reading group. We have readers from year 8-10 all devoted to reading. We are all busy reading the Carnegie Books.

BCCCS Shadows
Ben Jonson Primary School
Blue Gate Fields
St Annes, Whitechapel
Which book do you think has the best plot?

The child's Elephant
Liar and spy
The blood family
The bunker diary
Roof toppers
All the truth that's in me
The wall
Ghost Hawk
Title: Can't You Sleep Little Bear?
Illustrator: Barbara Firth
Winning Year: 1988

Little Bear can't sleep. He is frightened of the dark, even with the biggest lantern of them all at his bedside. But Big Bear finds an ingenious way to reassure him. So Big Bear takes him out and shows him the moon and the stars.