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Chobham Academy Book Group
40 Cheering lane, London
Group status: Southville Primary School has been working on their own mini Kate Greenaway award.

And the year six's have been writing reviews and showing the other classes the books that were nominated for the Kate Greenaway award. By Kizzie and Laura Year 6!

If you were Millie, what would your hat be?

18% (2 votes)

27% (3 votes)

27% (3 votes)

9% (1 vote)

9% (1 vote)

9% (1 vote)

Title: Gorilla
Illustrator: Anthony Browne
Winning Year: 1983

Hannah loves gorillas but has never seen one. Her father's too busy to take her to the zoo - or for anything else come to that. For her birthday, Hannah asks her father for a gorilla - but is disappointed when she discovers that the gorilla she's been g