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Henry Box School
Witney, Oxon
Group status: Group Status: AWESOME, HILARIOUS, COOL AND... THE BEST
Our Book Group is for everyone from 11-18, whatever your reading ability (mostly moderate to advanced readers *cough not megancough*). We meet on a Monday Lunchtime to discuss, argue, have fun, argue and eat lunch and argue! This year we have Megan so we can have priority on the Carnegie books. Good luck everyone and enjoy! Keep reading young children! (Because if you don't you can't join the club)

joshua hoskins rasberry

European School Culham
Culham, OXON.
Larkmead Secondary School
Activate Bookies
John Mason School - Abingdon
What is your favourite book?

The Lie Tree (by Frances Hardinge)
29% (83 votes)

The Rest of Us Just Live Here (by Patrick Ness)
0% (1 vote)

The Ghosts of Heaven (by Marcus Sedgwick)
71% (205 votes)

Title: Monsters of Men
Author: Patrick Ness
Winning Year: 2011

The third and final volume in the "Chaos Walking Trilogy" finds three armies marching on New Prentisstown, each intent on destroying the others. Todd and Viola are caught in the middle with no chance of escape or, it seems, of stopping the fighting. But