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Hyde Park Bookworms
Group status: Tuesday 15th June - Yippee! We're back and bigger! Hyde Park Bookworms are begining to chew their way through the books with lots of excitement, fun and laughter. Watch this space for more information. New picture to follw very soon!)

This is a picture of last years group (some of our members are back this year so the group must be good!)

Lipson Reading Group
Carnegie in the Commons
Plymouth College:
Plymouth, Devon
Is your teacher like Miss Breakbones?

No my teacher is GREAT!
nO MY TEACHER IS NOT! She is kind and helps me!
No my teacher does a lot to help me. she is fabulous!
My teacher is not like Miss Breakbones. She helps me when I am stuck.
My teacher is brilliant because she helps me lots and lots al the time.
My teach is tfantastic because she always helps us with tricky questions.
My teacher is fabulous because she gives us fun activities.
My teacher is always cheerful and makes me smile every day!
Title: The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon
Illustrator: Mini Grey
Winning Year: 2007

We love Mini Grey's books. We are reading 'Traction Man' at the moment and love it!