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Princess Frederica
Group status: All the Greenaway books have arrived and we have started reading - no firm favourites emerging yet...
At the moment Nursery, Reception and Year 1 classes are reading the Greenaway books when they come to the library each week. Hoping to get other classes involved after Easter.

Ms Sue Turner

Capital Ambassadors
Capital city Academy
Newman Catholic College
Brentfield Primary
What type of books do you read?

Adventure: eg, spies, running away, etc
Fairytale: eg, Alice in Wonderland, etc
Comics: eg, spiderman, the beano, etc
Fact Books: eg, encyclopedias, etc
Title: Each Peach Pear Plum
Illustrator: Janet Ahlberg
Winning Year: 1978

This is an engaging and interactive book for the very young. Familiar nursery-rhyme characters, such as Mother Hubbard and Baby Bunting, sneak their way into the gentle drawings. Even young children who might not know all the fairy-tale stars can find the