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Hello, there! Im Ollie! Us jelly beans are back and better with our awsome reading site to tell our opinions about the books we have read. The books I have read lately are the collection of goblin books, like: stone goblins, tree goblins, water goblins, ghost goblins, and puddle goblins. they are very hilarious books to read and always give your face a smile! Please can you send us your reviews on the books you have read, because that can be very helpful and interesting for us to read, and we will be so pleased, with you particularly! So bye bye, and good luck if you write a book review!

Title: A Valley Grows Up
Author: Edward Osmond
Winning Year: 1953

This is the illustrated story of an imaginary English valley from prehistory to the Victorian period. The landscape gradually develops from an uninhabited stretch of forest, to a hillside, then a swamp, until finally it becomes the busy Victorian town of