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Box Hill Book Club
Group status: We are having lots of fun reading 'Trash' further and are enjoying this taxing read.
Trash: We have now read up to chapter 6 of part 3 of Trash. We have discovered some interesting characters, learnt more about the setting and uncovered more details about the story in general. we have found something out very important if you want to read this book we found out that the person who is speaking their name is at the beginning of the chapter. Thoughts so far: It is one of the most interesting, intriguing and taxing books we have read.

Priory School
Dorking, Surrey
Which Carnegie Shortlisted book did you enjoy most?

Between Shades of Gray
The Midnight Zoo
My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
Small Change for Stuart
My Name is Mina
Everybody Jam
A Monster Calls
Title: The Whales' Song
Illustrator: Gary Blythe
Winning Year: 1990

When Lilly's grandma tells her the beautiful story of the whales, Lilly's imagination soars. If only, one day, they will sing for her.