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Pietro, Chobham Academy Book Group

A Great Big Cuddle

A Great Big Cuddle is a stunning book full of wonderful pictures that seem to be alive thanks to their lively colours and their comprehensible drawings. When I started reading this book I was already enjoying it considering that this book is made purely for younger children and I’m in year 6 that’s very impressive.
I have to admit this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise if you think about the two legendary illustrators and authors who made this book, Chris Riddel and Michael Rosen. Both these men have a unique way of drawing and writing.
A Great Big Cuddle is also a great way to start a child on his learning journey that everyone has to take in some way or the other. This book makes the start as easy a walking down a mountain as it combines words with fun.
I think this book has one of most hot favourites for first place in the Kate Greenaway Award as it definitely has some of the most thought through drawings that is needed if you want to make a children’s book.
If I have to give a rating for this beautiful book I would give it a strong 10/10.

Posted on: 13th June 2017 at 03:51 pm

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