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Sarah, Glossopdale Community College

The Stars at Oktober Bend

"The Stars at October Bend" by Glenda Millard is a beautiful yet unusual book. It is about a teenage girl named Alice who has a brain injury. Because of this, she finds it difficult to speak so instead she writes.
This novel is written in two people's perspective: Alice's and her friend Manny's, meaning there is an incredible amount of detail given about how they feel and how Alice's brain works (also referred to as her "electrics"). I found Alice's writing very confusing but interesting to read since it is written exactly how she thinks. However, this also meant it got extremely difficult to understand. When Alice is speaking, no capitol letters are used because she isn't able to write or speak as well as other people her age while Manny's is very neat and uses correct English. For me, this just adds to their character and helps me understand them more.
I found this story quite different to any other I've read since not much happens until the end though I think this was intentional. In my opinion, it could get boring at times because of this. Even though the plot wasn't action-packed, I still enjoyed it and I think Glenda Millard is an incredibly skilled writer since the novel contained beautiful poems and had a lovely tone.

Posted on: 13th June 2017 at 05:29 pm

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