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Ben, Chobham Academy Book Group

Wolf Hollow

This is my fourth Carnegie that I've read, and I'm not too impressed with them this year. The only good one so far has been 'Railhead' by Philip Reeve, in my opinion. Wolf Hollow wasn't exciting at all for me, because the plot jumped around, leading to inconsistent themes. The beginning of the story tells the reader that it is going to be a book on the troubles of bullying, but that is forgotten later on in the story, leading on to a detective part which really wasn't all that interesting. Also, since it was during World War Two, the reader expects it to have war or racism at the centre of the story, or at least to have a large part, but war isn't used to the author's benefit at all and racism is only a slight theme, overshadowed by countless others. I would not recommend this book, since I found it boring and it does not have a single genre, so it isn't enjoyed by as many.

Posted on: 13th June 2017 at 06:57 pm

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