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Sam, Ermysted's

The Smell of Other People's Houses

If I was searching through a pile of books, and found one with the title 'The Smell Of Other People's Houses', it would spark a flame of curiosity, but the flame would not be large enough to burn down my brain, and so I would choose not to read it. However, due to the Carnegie, this book has been forced upon me, and I must read about the metaphorical sniffing of other people's houses. I really must learn not to take book titles literally.
Despite my monstrosity of a metaphor, I enjoyed this book- but only moderately. It was, to be frank, quite predictable- obviously [SPOILER] was going to meet [SPOILER] and of course Dora [SPOILER]. However, I do admit Ruth being sent [SPOILER] surprised me.
Away from the plot, I found half of the four main characters were likable, but that doesn't mean they were unsuitable for the story. Ruth, despite my initial misgivings, had amazing development over the course of the book and her ending, and of course the ending overall, was really quite sweet. Dora became an awful person after being immersed in the grief of [SPOILER] and I just didn't like Alyce as a character. Hank's love for his brothers was a defining trait, which drew me to like him, though he did make some stupid decisions.
A good book with a couple of appealing characters, though the plot seemed quite predictable.

Posted on: 22nd March 2017 at 10:21 am

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