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Harriet, Glossopdale School

Where the World Ends

To begin with I found it hard to get started on this book as I thought it was a little confusing. However once I got past the first bits, things started to come together and I quickly found myself engaged in the novel. In the book a group of boys find themselves trapped on a abandoned sea stac to hunt birds but unfortunately find themselves with no return. How will they survive and what will it take? Could this be 'the end of the world' for them?

All the twists in the book help the plot and make it that little bit more exciting, tense and nice to read. The way the book is structured makes it come across more powerfully and my favorite section was the ending as it ends the book well, although I found some parts dragged a little and I would prefer a faster pace. I think I would usually pick up something similar to this novel.

I like the way the chapters, instead of being called chapter 1,2,3... they are instead given names like "Spring fever". I think this touch adds to the book and helps us relate to the chapter.

The author's varied sentences gave the book increasing tension and it was enjoyable to read. For example,"The boat would come when it could. Tides and winds would decide." Also McCaughrean uses more complex sentences which give a nice balance. He uses sentences such as,"He was making for overhang, that lime-slathered fist of rock that jutted out over deep water and was home, in the summer, to a seething gallimaufry of seabirds mating, laying, squabbling, and squitting from dawn till dark."

I would recommend this to people who enjoy something challenging and like plot twists.

Posted on: 10th May 2018 at 10:34 pm

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