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Jaz, Churchill Academy

Wolf Hollow

The main character is a twelve year old girl called Annabelle, who is a likable protagonist - you are always rooting for her! She is a brave and kind character who is not afraid to do what is right. The story starts off by introducing Annabelle as a girl who had just "learned how to lie". Throughout the story, Annabelle's character really develops into a person who has had to make hard choices and matured a lot. She is sensible and intuitive, and ends up solving the problem. It is an intriguing, gripping book that keeps you wondering about what will happen next. You really get into the book and the reader experiences all the worry of the main character and the problems that they have to face. In conclusion, Wolf Hollow is a moving, emotional book that will have you crying at the end of it and wishing it hadn't ended the way it did!

Posted on: 13th June 2017 at 09:16 pm

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