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Carissa , Sir Harry Smith Community College


Release is supposedly about a 17 year old homosexual named Adam Thorn coming to terms with his sexuality.
The actual plot is a teenage boy who is gay buying chrysanthemums, hanging out with his friend, trying not to love a guy while trying to love another guy, being sexually assaulted by his boss, going to parties and having a lot of sex.
The second plot is about a girl who was killed by her boyfriend who was on meth. She comes back as a ghost.
I don't think the two plots tie together very well. They are two completely different stories that may have been good separate, but they were shoved together in the same book.
I think that if the plot was written differently, it may have been good. It might even be better for a younger audience if it was different. But it isn't. I did not enjoy reading this book and I definitely don't recommend it for a younger audience.

Posted on: 11th May 2018 at 09:54 am

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