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Luke, St Robert of Newminster RC School and Sixth Form College


It isn't very often you come across a book so special, so spectacular and so perfect that you want to fuse it into the core of your very being, so no matter where you go, it is always with you. "Railhead" is a perfect example of a story like this. Set in a somewhat dystopian future, humanity has branched from galaxy to galaxy due to the assistance of ancient, reality-bending trains known as guardians. These guardians were built with one purpose: to help humanity thrive.

Flash to Zen Starling, a young thief with a troubled life and an unknown past. Born to a mother with intense paranoia and mental disabilities, he resorts to a life of crime to keep his family on their feet.

Enter Raven, a man shrouded in mystery and confusion, and his mechanical servant, Nova. When Raven employs Zen to steal an ancient, priceless artifact from the emperor of all humanity, disaster strikes. and it strikes hard. Not even the infinite wisdom of the ancient guardians can seem to find a way to right things.

"Railhead" is a stunning masterpiece that pushes the boundaries and ethics of artificial life. it is a captivating novel that any and all can and should enjoy, especially if you have been in a reading slump and need a pick-me-up.

This book certainly deserves to be the winner of the Carnegie Medal.

Posted on: 14th June 2017 at 01:04 pm

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