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Zarah, Chobham Academy Book Group

There is a Tribe of Kids

The author of this book is Lane Smith. Even though the book is very simple and child like I really like the pictures as they are very detailed.I would recommend this book to children below 8 years.

The pictures are very colourful, painted with oil and sprayed to get a mottled finish.In the book there are not many words but the pictures bring the book to life for the reader which interests the reader.

In the book there is a boy or a girl but we don't know and the fact that we don't know makes the reader interested and continue to read on.The use of capital letters emphasise the key words the pictures are expressing.My favourite picture is the 'FLIGHT of BUTTERFLIES.'This is because it is very beautiful and the colours used are fantastic.

At the end, from her expression you can tell she has fit in and is enjoying the fact she has joined the 'TRIBE OF KIDS'.

Posted on: 14th June 2017 at 01:32 pm

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