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Zarah, Swanshurst School Greenaway Group

The Journey

The author is Francesca Sanna.I do not really like this book as I am not interesting in books like refugees as they are not interesting.I would recommend this book to children 10 and younger.This is because this is a book to understand as well as just looking at the pictures.

There is one picture in the book where the guard looks massive compared to the other characters to emphasise the fact they are feeling scared and to show how small they feel.This book has a lot of the colour black used and this reinforces the idea of darkness.

At the end the illustrator shows the family flying with birds at the end to show their freedom and how they are not tortured or scared anymore.This book has a happy ending and this is stereotypical for books that have war in them.

Posted on: 14th June 2017 at 01:48 pm

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