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Mrs A, Chobham Academy Book Group


Great story - not for children!
I also re-iterate some of the reviews I have read, why-o-why is this book in the Carnegie Awards?
YES - It's a great read.
YES - it is well written (and yes, you can tell when the author changes)
YES - the book had an advisory
BUT - The Carnegie Medal is meant to be awarded for a book written for children!
This book is certainly NOT written for children! The abuse scene is exceptionally graphic, as is the horse scene and should not be read by ANY 11-14 year old. Children these days have enough thrown at them and it just is not necessary for them to have to read it in something that they are meant to use as escapism.
I agree with other librarians - this is, yet again, an inappropriate book up for the medal; it will be nowhere near my shelves!
Please, please, please, judges next year can we have stories that are suitable for a CHILDREN's AWARD!

Posted on: 7th April 2017 at 02:19 pm

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