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Curtis, Broadoak Maths and Computing College


In my opinion Rail Head is amazing! Firstly Zen's backstory is believable, he is a small town thief stealing to get by day to day. In most stories the plot happens so sudden and leaves me wondering why it happened now and not in the other 12 years or so they were alive. This story is completely different and Zen could have got in trouble at any time. Secondly the mystery between Zen and Raven's relationship keeps the story exciting all the way through although the start is pretty slow. The emotion that drips out of the characters slowly but surely helps to build on their personality. Finally the ending was a great cliff hanger that left me wondering about the well being of Raven. Apart from this the only downside is that the start is drawn out and the ending to quick in my opinion.

Posted on: 7th April 2017 at 03:05 pm

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