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Sam, Leventhorpe


I was looking forward to this book as i had recently seen 'A Monster Calls' also by Patrick Ness however I was disappointed by 'Release.
The main story is good however the sub plot including the fawn and the queen was crudely implemented and just slowed the story down. I was never too sure if if was real or if it was just a metaphor. The graphic scenes were done sensitively but it felt like a cash in on the political debate about homosexuality and the issues surrounding it.


The end of the book felt like an incomplete ending and one that left me wanting closure and the story ending in the subplot was confusing, disappointing and strange. I like how he let his emotions out at his parents but it was foreseeable easily from the beginning of the book. Even so, the way Ness told it, with it seeming like the relationship could be repaired, was delicate and well thought through (unlike the subplot).

Overall it was a good read but I would not read it again. I feel I would be wasting my time as I have gained everything there is to gain from the book.

Posted on: 11th May 2018 at 05:04 pm

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