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Sam, Leventhorpe

Saint Death

I enjoyed Saint Death as it had an original yet relevant plot that gripped me for most of the book. Marcus Sedgwick create a believable religion that all could believe in. The rich, the poor, the gangs and the factory workers were all united in the belief in the white mistress, the bony lady, 'Santa Muerte'.
Arturo, the main character, was a good depiction of the oppressive, unjust evil in Sedgwick's Mexico.


The revelations that were periodically spread through the book were shocking and unforeseen. When Arturo spends all of Faustino's money and gets into $4000 of dept I knew something would have to happen but this still shocked me. The way it was written, you could feel how Arturo gradually became more and more desperate. Arturo's Dad and Arturo's son were effective twists and helped push the story on however the book felt like a beginning, an end and a filler in the middle. The story was only really driven at the beginning and end. The ending of the story was sad but necessary, Arturo sacrifice for all that he cared about was very effective but the last sentence was very undermining and slight;y depressing. The way that Sedgwick suggests that all his work and pain was for nothing really struck me with the desperation of some people's situation, that this is their life and most probably their death as well - just like Arturo.

Posted on: 11th May 2018 at 09:00 pm

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