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Nia Gordon-Meniru, Ashmole Academy

Saint Death

Saint Death was an unforgettable story that highlighted the painful reality of silent voices- suffering under a drug flooded, inescapable Mexico. The protagonist, Arturo, merely survives in his decaying town- shadowed by a lifetime of fences, borders: 'El Norte'. The story begins quite slow, focusing on Arturo's hard life as a child, which then develops further to the introduction of his father. Arturo's father shows little presence within the story line; he is a cruel distant figure in Arturo's life, which is very sad as Arturo has no real guidance and love in his life. Throughout the story, he faces many dilemmas such as: the dangers of gambling, importance of money, human existence and the heavy possibility of escape. The themes may be very sensitive to some, including: Drugs and Gangs, so I would recommend any who intends reading Saint Death, to understand that the plot line revolves around death, violence and injustice. Faustino is a fundamental character to the story, a childhood friend to Arturo, when he comes back in Arturo's life, events begin to fall dangerously. Arturo chooses his loyalty to his family/ friends when faced with his fate.
The story sheds deeper thoughts, as Marcus Sedgwick questions repeatedly whether freedom is worth dying for, whether the North is the solution or the problem or, finally, whether joining Cartels are a fatal reality for other young people like Arturo in today's Mexico.
By Nia Gordon-Meniru

Posted on: 12th May 2018 at 05:26 pm

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