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Summer, Glossopdale School

Where the World Ends

Firstly, this book was slightly confusing at the start but once you get further on it turns out to be a fantastic novel. “Where the world ends” is a book written by Geraldine McCaugherean. In this novel there were a group of boys that went on a voyage to travel to a sea stac. Their annual trip usually happens in the summer time.
2 months later, just as they expected the ship to return and collect them, the group of boys were in for the shock of their lives. Unfortunately, the ship didn’t return and they have to try and survive all on their own. Will they ever make it back to their families?
In my opinion, this was an extremely intriguing book because as you get further on you begin to think you might know what will happen next but then just as you think you know, out of nowhere, another jaw-dropping scenario occurs. I would say to keep this book for an older eye because in certain places it can get confusing and if it was a younger child reading, they could get put off at the fact one part is confusing. As it is such an amazing book, I wouldn’t want a tough part to put you off. I would rate this book a 4 stars.

Posted on: 12th May 2018 at 05:26 pm

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