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Charlotte, Witchford Wonders Carnegie

The Hate U Give

16 year old Starr witnesses the shooting of her best friend- Khalil - who she has known for most of her life, in her poor neighbourhood of Garden Heights. She watches as her best friend is murdered by a police officer even though he had not done anything wrong.The police and the press make out that it was because Khalil was a drug dealer, gangbanger and a thug.
Riots and protests break out in Garden Heights until it eventually becomes a war zone. Starr is afraid to speak out about what she has seen and does not want anyone to find out about it in 'her other life' at her posh school. When Starr finally speaks out she dry snitches and this gets her into trouble with the biggest drug dealer in garden heights- King.
Even when her family has moved from town she is still caught up in their lives as she was the witness. Starr, her brother Seven, friend De Vante and boyfriend- from her school- Chris join in with riots in Garden Heights and get King locked up. With help from her family, friends and detective uncle, Starr tells the truth and makes everyone know that Khalil had not done anything wrong and was killed for no reason.
I found The Hate U Give a very hard book to get into. It was a very powerful book however I did not find it very enjoyable to read. Some of the language and context of this book was very hard to read.

Posted on: 12th May 2018 at 05:36 pm

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