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ciaron wright, Coleridge Book Fiends

Wed Wabbit

Lissa Evans new book Wed Wabbit is a really good, really easy to follow and a treat to read.Evans is really an author with a great skill of creating mythical worlds which invite us in as if we are a real part of the book and the land of the Wimbley woos.It has a real array of interesting techniques and it is a good read for all ages.Not too childish not too mature.The perfect balance. We see battles and injuries and the prevailing attitude of the young heroine Fidge. She starts as a stone cold ten year old who is wise beyond her years always taking care of others who then(for me) grows into a caring yet head forth heroine. It is reasonably fast paced and doesn't leave you bored but does leave you wanting more.Evans is a great writer and Wed Wabbit is a book worth a read.

Posted on: 13th May 2018 at 04:14 pm

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