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Michael, Limpets

Saint Death

What can I say about Saint Death? Well, the book did a really good job of painting the scene and making realistic characters for where the story is set. I haven't read a lot of the book but within the first 19 pages I already know enough about the setting, the problems that the characters face, the people that cause these problems and how the characters usually deal with these problems. The main character Arturo has shown enough of his personality so we can sympathise with him but not enough to make future character development or plot twists predictable. The antagonists of the story are the crime gangs and we are shown at the start of the book how violent they are, beating a shop keeper half to death and then taking him away whilst hearing his wife screaming and crying. This shows that these people are not to be messed with and not to be challenged. It's even shown that the police don't try to stop them. If I had enough time I would read the entire book and I hate books so that's saying something. Overall, Marcus Sedgwick did an amazing job with this book.

Posted on: 14th May 2018 at 09:36 am

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